It is very important to have a good domain name to create a good image of your business or blog on the Internet. A great domain attracts viewers and enhances their interest towards your blog or business. All top-level-domain names are already taken, Finding a good domain name nowadays is no less than a challenge.

If you are building a blog or website then it is very important to have a memorable and meaningful domain name. Choosing a .com domain is also important, it will make your website attractive.

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In this post, you are being told about some very good domain search tools that will help you find a good domain name. Many users use these tools, I have done too. All domain tools use different methods to search the names.

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Name Station

Name Station is a very simple and free tool to use. You’ll need to type a keyword in the primary word box and type another keyword related to your niche or business in the second box. You can check the domain availability immediately in this search tool. It also gives you the option to filter search. You can filter the search by primary word, related word, subject, niche, quality or extension, and filter by shortening or lengthening.

Advanced Domain Name Tools to Find a Good Domain Name

For some features you need to create an account, you can also log in with your Facebook or Google Account. After logging in, you can save the name of the domains. You can participate in the competition and start new competitions. You can also get the domain name from the domain list of the winner of Finished Contest.

Lean Domain Search

You will need to type the keyword in the search box of Lean Domain Search and it will search for a lot of domain names for you. Lean Domain Search tool shows you a lot of prefixes and suffixes for your primary keywords. More than 50 percent of the website uses the .com extension, you also want to get a .com extension. This Search tool will show you only .com extensions, it will save your valuable time searching for a better domain name with .com extension.

Advanced Domain Name Tools to Find a Good Domain Name

In this tool, you can sort the name list by popularity, length and alphabet. This tool allows you to search by term filters, such as ‘starts with the search term’ and ‘ends with search terms’. You will also be able to copy the name list to the clipboard. The username of the same name as the name of your domain name, which you would like to access, also searches on Twitter for availability.

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Domain Puzzler

The Domain Puzzler Tool allows you to enter as many keywords as you want. This tool shows you all the matching names of the keywords you typed.  Easy, advanced, magic and page ranker these four tools are available on this website to find the domain name. You can add names from the search results to favorites and email the list of favorite names. Spain and Sweden users can use this site in their own language.

Name Stall

If you are a company, website, business or blog and want a paid tool to find the domain name, you can use the name stall. In this tool, you can search matched domain names from your business or blog niche. You just need to type your keyword in the keyword box and select a niche from the Workgroup dropdown list. If you want your keyword as a prefix, then tick ‘keyword at beginning’ and if you want the keyword as suffix then tick ‘keyword at end’.

Then click the Generate button, according to your keyword you will see a lot of domains names on the screen, from which you can choose a right name.

Many domains already available in this tool that match your business or blogging niche. You can choose a name from different types of domain names such as two or three name domains, rhyming domains, random domains, etc. of this tool. The name of this tool is name-stall but when you use it you will feel like it is a shopping mall. In this tool, you will find everything you need in a Domain Search Tool.

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Bust A Name

Bust A name is also a good domain name generator, its domain generator tool is a great tool. You just need to type a keyword in its search box and it will show a lot of names that match your keyword. Other tools show you only the prefix and suffix with the keyword, but this tool shows you the actual name that matches your keyword that you would definitely like. You can also save names from search results.

You can filter the search by extension, random or availability. This tool suggests some similar names that you can try. If you want to use prefix, suffix, hyphen, vowel and word combination, options are also available for that.

Instant Domain Search

This search tool shows a list of domains related to your keywords, shows the name with different extensions and shows the list of previously sold, which is available, along with the prices. This tool also searches for usernames on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For this option, click on the three-dot next to the WHOIS button. If you want to buy a sold domain name in any way, you can click on the make offer and contact the administrator of that name through the GoDaddy site.

Advanced Domain Name Tools to Find a Good Domain Name

It also shows you expired domains for which you can bid. This tool allows you to view trademark information through and check the appraisal value of domains through GoDaddy.

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Domain Name Soup

This tool provides you many tools to find and choose a better domain name for your business or blog. This website shows you the domains that are expiring soon and are being removed. You can search for the name from the length and the initial letter and you can also search for a good name by typing the keyword.

Advanced Domain Name Tools to Find a Good Domain Name

In this amazing website, there are many tools available such as character swap, typo, thesaurus, word combinations, and advanced domain search.

These were some of the best tools that you would like. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. Please share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.