Under dedicated server hosting, a customer is given a full server or group of servers on the lease, which is used by a single company or business. In a shared hosting plan, hundreds of customers are given a single server.

Dedicated server hosting is a high-level hosting plan that will provide you with high memory, high bandwidth, high RAM and much more.

What is dedicated Server Hosting?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

Customization and Control

What configuration you need in your hosting plan, you can decide with a dedicated server hosting plan. You can add or subtract your hosting configuration according to your business needs.

In a managed dedicated hosting plan, the hosting provider handles the server maintenance and the ongoing site management, but in self-managed dedicated hosting, you are given full control of all aspects of your site except maintenance and support.

In both of the above, you are free to install any software package and security features of your choice as per your website’s requirement.

As a dedicated server for a client, the client is capable of adding additional features and can make their site about any size as needed.

Improve Performance

In today’s world, consumers do not have a habit of waiting. In shared hosting, if your site is taking too much time to load, your site visitors can visit the site of your competitor. For fast loading time and better performance, you will need high resources for your business website.

At the time of high volume traffic, your business website needs more resources, all resources on dedicated hosting are for your website only.

Dedicated server hosting allows you to ensure high performance and consistency that your business website is running approximately 99.99%. Resources like high memory, high RAM, bandwidth and CPU output will be provided to you with your dedicated hosting plan which will provide you with better loading time.

Dedicated hosting clients are free to purchase any software of their choice and install it on the server.

Better Security

With the dedicated server hosting, you can protect your website from Malware or malicious, denial of service attacks etc. You are free to customize your high levels of security.

Security is a key point of protection for any business website. In a shared hosting plan, you have to share your server with other customers. Your website may be infected on the same server via shared hosting technology via a neighboring site through malicious activity that is shared with.

Dedicated hosting clients are able to deploy security measures, such as firewalls and anti-viruses to meet their specific needs. You can install your application on the server, which may include new layers of security and access.

Unique IP Address

In dedicated hosting, you are not sharing your server with other customers, you will be provided a unique IP address. In shared hosting, you have to share your IP address with other customers.

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