The domain name is the address of your brand on the internet. People know your brand on the Internet from your domain name. If you want to create a website then it has the most important role of the domain. Choosing the right domain for some people can be a challenge. You must choose a suitable domain name for your business because

  • The domain name of the website affects your SEO.
  • This may be the first impression for visitors to your website for the first time.
  • You can change the domain name whenever you want, but this will have a very bad effect on your SEO.

How to choose a domain name

A lot of domains are being registered every day, you also want a good domain that suits your business. A domain that does not need to be changed later. What should be in a good domain and how to choose a good domain? The following tips will help you to select a good domain.

The domain name should be small

When the name of your website domain is small and people visit your website for the first time, it will be easy for those visitors to remember the name of your website. Doing this helps you increase traffic to your website.

Keep it memorable

With the name being small, it should be easily remembered. If the name is only small but weird it will not be remembered. Like you put, it’s small name but, will someone remember your domain name?. Not anyone will remember because this name is not like remembering.

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Spelling should be correct and easy to pronounce

When choosing a domain name, make sure that the domain name is easy to speak and the spelling is correct. Because when your fans or visitors learn or buy something from your website, then some of them will tell their friends and relatives about your website. Those people would also like to visit your website. But if your domain is not good to pronounce visitors will be unable to type your correct domain name. Visitors who visit your website for the first time will not be able to remember it.

Like if you want the domain and this domain is already registered. So do not change this by spelling a bit because it will not even be spoken properly and people will think of as your domain.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

People will get confused if you use hyphen and numbers in the domain. Just like you use number 2 in your domain. So people will be confused that it is 2 or two. Some people also use 4 instead of for. By doing so people will remain confused and will not be able to visit the website. Do not add hyphens too. My website is Like if my website is, people will still go to The benefits of my hard work will go to only. Because people do not remember hyphens.

Use keywords related to your business

Must add keywords related to your business in your domain. As ‘tech‘ has been added to ‘’, the domain name reveals that the website is related to what business. It’s also a keyword that ensures Google what your website is about. It also helps your website get a good rank in Google search.

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Do not use a trademark or copyright name

Avoid using a name that is already a copyright or trademark. You are buying a domain for long or lasting use. If your domain name is already copyrighted or trademarked, then you have to change your domain, which can cause damage to your business. So before buying a domain name, check that this domain name is not trademarked or even copyrighted. You can check it from here.

Avoid double letters

Double letters in domain name also cause too much confusion. Many people add double letters when they do not get the right domain name, do not do this. People will be visiting the domain which has the domain name spelling is correct. Even if you write ‘dommain‘ or ‘ddomain’ to the domain, people will search the ‘domain‘ only. Many people use ‘u’ in place of ‘oo’ and ‘i’ in place of ‘ee’. There is a possibility of writing incorrectly due to more double letters. If people incorrectly type domain names in URLs, then your website visitors will be less. When choosing a domain, keep in mind that it should not have double letters.

Check Social Networks Sites

Before purchasing a domain, you should check in popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus etc. The same username that you are about to use for the domain is available on these sites or not. Many times it happens when the domain name is found but the username is not found on popular social network sites. When people do not find the right domain name on social sites, they have to add a suffix or prefix with the username. Adding a prefix or suffix with the username does not seem to be a professional profile. Because people will search on social sites by your brand name.

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Proper Domain Name Extensions

In addition to choosing a domain name, you also need to choose the right extension. There are many different types of extensions for different business and country.

  • .com(Commercial)- For Commercial websites
  • .net (Network)- For Tech Companies or networked websites
  • .biz(Business)- For Business website
  • .info(Information) – For informative website
  • .me(personal)- For a personal blog or website
  • .org(Organisation)-For Non-commercial organizations use
  • .in(India)-For Indian website use
  • .co (Colombia) – For commercial websites

Note – Most of the above extensions can also be used for General Purpose.

I would advise you to use ‘.com’ because people search more for ‘.com’. While typing URLs in the browser’s address bar, most people type .com.

Target your area

If your business is in a certain area, you can add that area name to the domain name or if you want to do business in a local language, you can add that language’s name to a domain. You will find examples of many websites like and which uses region name to their domain.

Use Domain Selection Tool

Choosing a Perfect Domain Name is not an easy process, you are in this post, it means you have tried to choose the domain name before. You can make it even easier by using some domain research tools. Typing some characters in the search box will show you some of the domains you can buy.

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These were some suggestion that hopes you will like. Apart from these tips which you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. Please share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.