Friends, You have seen the application of UC News in many people’s mobile. This application gives you the ability to read different genre news in mobile. Also, you can earn good money from this application.

Now if you are thinking that many people give us such ideas everyday, in which they asks to click on the advertisement or to watch the videos or to make team in the chain system. First of all, We clarify to you that this application is a real application and we will never tell about any fraud application on the Techneem. Working on UC News is as easy as data entry.

What is UC News?

China’s famous company Alibaba Group has made this application. Alibaba Group is a Famous International Company. The Alibaba Group has many more businesses. Founder and executor of Alibaba Group is Jack Ma. For more information about Alibaba, you can visit Alibaba’s official site.

If you didn’t hear the name of UC News or Alibaba group then the name of the UC Browser will be heard. UC News is integrated with UC Browser. UC News Provides News in seven Main Languages, which includes Hindi, English and Indonesian languages and Fifteen Indian Regional Languages – Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Assamese and Punjabi.

It is very popular application in India and you can read the news on almost every genre on it. By writing news or article on UC News, you will make good money. Many reporters and news channels on UC also puts their news.

What to do on UC News?

You must create an account on UC News. The process of which you can read in our next post. Click on the link below to go to that post.

Read : How to create a free UC News account to earn on UC News.

After the account is created, decide a language and a niche that you can write good content. It can be technique, cooking, travel, education, Bollywood, Hollywood, cricket, comedy, news or anyone else you know about well. Now to get more followers make your profile very attractive.

After it, you can start writing your articles. You must have at least one feature photo with the article. If you feel you are unable to write news or articles then you can also upload videos.

You will need a computer and an internet connection to write articles or videos. If you don’t have a computer then you can also write from mobile. For that you have to enable the desktop site in the mobile browser. You don’t need to make any investment to work on UC News.

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How to earn from UC News?

UC News will show your articles, news or videos to visitors. Advertisements will also be displayed with news, articles and videos. You will receive payment from UC News for these ads. You will have to enable Ads Monitization to show advertisements on your content, which we will talk further about.

The more visitors and followers you have, the more money you can make. You have to do more to write on subjects that can be more viral, so that more people can see your post. After publishing, you can share your content so that more people will see it.

Before learning about how to enable advertising Monitazation, we need to know how to write content.

How to write articles or news on UC news? How to upload videos to UC news?

To write contents, you must log in with your publisher ID. After logging in, click on the ‘Post’ option in the sidebar.

how to write on uc news

Now in the main page you will see the button of the ‘new article’, click on it. A text box will open and you can start writing your articles in this text box. You can use the text editing tools which is at the top of the text box.

Add a nice attractive cover photo to the post. Which will help you to get more visitors. You can also add photos to the post, so that your posts can look great and adding photos helps visitors to understand the subject better. Therefore, the possibility of increasing your followers also increases. You can also add one or three feature photos, this is your wish but I would recommend three photos in it.

After writing a post, select the category, so that UC News can show your post in that category. Type the URL of your old post in the recommended content. Before posting, check the quality of the article so that your article is not rejected. To check quality, its option will be found in the left side below the text editor.

How to enable Ads Monetization in UC News?

For Monitization, when your account is 7 days old and you have 2000 views then you can apply. These are both very easy conditions. You can withdrawal from the 26 to 28th of every month. In 10 to 15 days, your income will be deposited in your bank account. At least your income must be $ 50 for withdrawal.

After the above two conditions are met, click ‘Income’ in the side bar and there you will have the option of enabling ad monetization.

What is Advantage of UC News?

  • There is no need to worry about SEO, this work does from UC News itself.
  • UC News shares your articles or videos on UC News application and UC Browser.
  • You get many language options. You can write articles in any of these languages.
  • It provides you Hot Topic, which makes your post more viral by writing on that topic.
  • In addition to Ads Monetization, UC News organizes several competitions in which you can participate for extra earning.

These were some suggestion that hope you will like. Tips and tricks which you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. You can share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.

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