Gboard is a very popular application for keyboard has been developed by Google, which has been downloaded by nearly 500 million people to date. You can install the Gboard on both Android and iOS OS. Gboard has everything that you want on your keyboard. Here are some cool tips and tricks that you can use to improve your Gboard’s experience.

1.     Google Translator within Gboard

Gboard has taken a great feature of Google Translator in Gboard. Sometimes in business email or chat, we need to type in different languages, the language we do not know, this feature can be used at that time. In this amazing feature, you have to type in the language you know better and Google Translator will translate into the language you want to translate.

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In the following steps, learn how Google Translator will work?

  • To type anywhere, open the Gboard as a keyboard.
  • Tap Google’s G icon which is at the top left of the keyboard.
  • Now some options will appear on top of the keyboard.
  • From those, Tap the Google translator icon that looks like a folded paper.
  • Now there are two options to choose languages.
  • First, select the language that you know and in seconds you want to know.

Translate by Gboard

  • Now type the language you know and the translator will change the language you want to type.

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2.    Search Within the Gboard and Send the Results

Searching within the Gboard and sending the result is the most noticeable feature of G-board. To search on Google and share results with family and friends, you do not have to open a web browser nor you need to leave the chat window. You can search on the keyboard, to do so, tap on Google’s G icon, which is in the top left of the keyboard, type what you want and then tap on the search key which is at the bottom right of the keyboard. search within gboard

The results of your search will appear on the keyboard. Tap on the result you want to send.

3.    Type Punctuation Marks Quickly

If you need to insert a punctuation, then it is very easy. punctuation shortcut for gboardContinue the long press on the dot (.) punctuation that is at the right of the space-bar button, do not lift your finger from touch, you will see a list of most used punctuation, go on the punctuation which you need and then lift your finger from touch. This method is very useful when you are typing fast or typing long.

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4.    Type Special Characters Quickly

Just as we can insert punctuation quickly, it is equally easy to insert special characters. Like the previous shortcut, the Gbard has a shortcut for it too. easy special characters in gboardTo do this, touch “?123” button without lifting your finger, which is in the lower left corner, you will see a list of the characters. Go on the special characters which you need and then lift your finger from touch.

5.    Type Capital Letters Quickly

When we are typing a message or email on a mobile or tablet, at that time we also have to type some capital letters. Like we can add punctuation and special characters easily in two ways above, more than that It is possible to insert capital letters quickly. easy capital later in gboardTo do this, we have to drag the caps lock button and leave it on the letter that we have to do in a capital letter.

6.    Send Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs

The use of Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs makes chat fun double. Gboard made it even easier to use emojis and GIFs. You can easily search GIFs, stickers, and emojis on the Gboard and send them. To use them, press the coma button without lifting your finger. You will see three options above, in which you have to go to the smiley icon, then release your finger. Now you can see emojis, stickers, and GIF. draw emoji in gboardThe search bar for search favorite emoji, sticker or gif can also be used. You can search GIF in the keyboard. Tap on the Google “G” icon, and type the text to search GIF, type GIF at the end of the text, and then search. You can also search emoji by drawing it. For this, tap Emoji. Then there is an icon near the search. Tap on it for a draw and start drawing.

7.    Edit Text

The main task of the Gboard is to type, sometimes whenever we type, then we are mistaken in typing. To delete or edit a word, to move the cursor on the word where typing is wrong, there may be a challenge for some users. But don’t worry, Gboard has two solutions for this problem.

First: To move the cursor over the word, slide your finger on the space bar and you can edit that word.

Second: You can edit the wrong word using Navigation Keys. Follow the steps given below to learn how to open Navigation Layouts.

  1. Tap Google’s ‘G’ icon which is at the top left of the keyboard.
  2. Now some options will appear at the top of the keyboard.
  3. Tap on the ‘…’ icon at the top of the keyboard. Now, you will see an icon that looks like English letter I, tap on it.edit text with gboard
  4. Now you can see a special navigation layout for editing your SMS, paragraph, chat or email with a few other options like Copy, Paste, Selection.

Use the arrow keys to move the cursor. To select word or sentence for cut, copy and paste, use the selection key with the arrow keys.

Tip: when you type you will see suggestions on the keyboard, which you can use to reduce the chances of typing mistakes.

8.    Use Number Pad in Gboard

It takes a lot of time for users to type numbers from small buttons, but in Gboard, you can use the big buttons to type the numbers. Doing so will make your keyboard look like a dial pad. To type the number in the dial pad, tap on your keyboard’s ‘?123’ buttons, then tap on the 1234 button. number pad in gboardNow you can see the amazing dial pad with some other buttons related to mathematics. To use commas, you can drag upside of plus and minus buttons.

9.    One-handed mode

Gboard’s One-Handed Mode is very useful when you have a large screen mobile or tablet or you’re busy eating food. There are three ways to enable one hand mode in Gboard. First, tap on Google’s ‘G’ icon, then tap ‘…’ and then tap on one handed. Keep in mind that the icon of One-handed mode looks like a thumb on the screen. Second, Long press the Enter key, drag the finger over the icon of one hand and lift your finger. It will enable right-handed mode to type with the right hand. Third, Long press on the comma key (,) and drag your finger on the icon of one hand, and lift your finger. It will enable left-hand mode to type with the left hand. one handed mode in gobardAfter enabling one hand mode, you can drag your keyboard in the right or left the form of your choice, if you want to type your right hand, then right and if you want to type in the left hand then drag it on the left side. You can also use the resize option to resize your keyboard size.

10.   Add Number Row on Keyboard

To type numbers in the normal keyboard, we have to go into number mode or the symbol mode, but in the Gboard, we can add an extra number row on the keyboard. After adding this, your extra time will be saved. To do this, tap Google’s ‘G’ icon, then tap ‘…’ and then tap on the settings icon. add number row in gboardNow tap on preferences and then, enable the Number row option in it.

11.  Easily Type Your Native Language Without Typing Knowledge

If it is difficult to type in your native language, or if you don’t know typing in your native language then you can type it by Gboard. To type your native language you must have knowledge of English typing. To do this, tap Google’s ‘G’ icon, then tap ‘…’ and then tap on the settings icon. Now tap on languages then tap on the add keyboard. Tap on your native language. You’ll see two or more keyboards. You choose the keyboard that has the English alphabet button. Tap on Add button. Tap on the Add button and go back to the keyboard. Long pressing the space bar button will show you a popup from which you have to select your native language keyboard. without typing knowledgeNow you type in your language style in English, typing in your language will start automatically. But keep in mind that Gboard only supports some languages.

12.  Delete Unwanted Word Suggestions

Most keyboards allow you to disable word suggestions, but in the Gboard you can remove unwanted word suggestions. unwanted suggestion deleteTo do this, long-press on the word suggestion and drag it to the center of the mobile, where a dustbin icon will appear.

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13.  Add Your Own Phrase to the Dictionary of Gboard

You can add your own phrase to the Gboard’s dictionary as a shortcut. phrase in Gboard's dictionary To add, tap Google’s ‘G’ icon, then tap ‘…’ and then tap on the settings icon. Tap on the dictionary, then tap on the private dictionary and then tap on the add button. Here you will see a screen with two input fields. First, the input is for the full phrase and the second is for its shortcut, select your typing language in the language option and tap on Save. For example: fill in ‘Random Access Memory’ in the phrase area and ‘Ram’ in the shortcut field. Now whenever you type Ram, you will see a suggestion above the keyboard to tap ‘Random Access Memory’.

14.  Voice Typing

Gboard allows you to type in 119 languages using your voice. Tap on the mic icon and start speaking.

15.  Add Your Photo in Keyboard

You can change the boring plain keyboard in your style. You can also keep your photo or logo on your keyboard or download the theme of the Gboard. To do this, tap Google’s ‘G’ icon, then tap ‘…’ and then tap on the settings icon. Tap on the theme, you will find three types of theme options, which are – my themes, colors, and landscape.

My Themes– With this option, you can add your photo, any other image or logo on your keyboard. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Tap on Plus symbol.
  • Select your picture or logo from your gallery.
  • Scale your selected image in size and click on the next button.
  • Adjust the brightness of your selected photo and then click the Done button.
  • If you want borders on keys, you can tap the key option to enable it, then click the Apply button.add your photo in keyboard

Colors– With this option, you can set the color on your keyboard. To apply this feature to your keyboard, click the color you like and tap on the Apply button.

Landscapes – Gboard allows you to set the landscape theme on your keyboard, you can download it for free from the Gboard Shop. Apply it on the keyboard by tapping the landscape image and then tapping the Apply button.

These were some tricks and tips that hopefully you will like. Apart from these tips and tricks which you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. You can share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.