Google Translate is a website created by Google in which we can translate more than 100 languages into other languages which we don’t even know. The web address of Google Translate is There is also a mobile application of Google Translate which includes some very good features. To use Google Translate application, download the application from the Play Store. Use of Google Translate can solve language-related problems in office or personal work. You can translate by writing, by drawing, and by speaking. It is very easy to use the application and website. Many people know about Google Translate and they are also using it, but many people do not know some advanced tricks of it. Here are some advanced tips and tricks of Google Translate for basic users.

Translate all your SMS

There are many SMSes coming in the mobile also in some different languages, if you want to translate those SMS into your language, you do not need to copy the SMS. You go to the application of Google Translate and tap on the menu. In the menu you will get the option of SMS translation, tap on it, by tapping, all your SMS, including mobile number, will be displayed in the app, you can tap on the SMS you want to translate.

How to translate all sms by google translate

Translate Documents

If you have a document in the format such as MS Word, WordPad or PDF then you can also translate it. Use the computer to translate the document. Visit Google Translate’s website on the computer. Select languages in which language is the document and in which language you want to translate. On the left side, a link to “translate the document” will appear below the translation box. Click on that link, click on the select file and select the file from the computer that needs to be translated. Now click on translate.

How to Translate documents by Google Translate

Google Translate Can Detect Language

Sometimes we see some words written on Facebook or anywhere in some languages, we do not know about that language but we want to translate that language. In such a case, Google Translator can help you, make a copy of that text and follow the instructions given below:-

For Mobile User

Install and open the Google Translate app. In the app, tap the drop-down button next to the first language name shown and tap on the detect language in the drop down. Now paste the copied text where the text is ‘tap to enter the text’. It will be translated as pasted, tap on the translation to see the whole translation.

What this language is

For Computer User

Open Google Translator website in any Internet browser. In the website, you will find two text boxes. The first left text box is to type the text and another text box is to translate that text. Copy the text you copied into the box first. And now, on the first text box, click on a drop-down button. Click on Detect Language in the drop-down. It will detect and translate the language.

Google Translate can detect language

Translate Websites

If a website is in another language, and the language you do not know, you can translate that website in your language. This feature can only be used on the website, you can not use it on mobile applications. To use on mobile, you have to go to the internet browser application on mobile and follow the same process. You go to the Google Translate website, and type the address of the website in the left side box and select the language on both sides. If you do not know which language the website is in, then click on detect language. Now click on the translate button to translate the entire website into your language.

How to translate a website


You can create a personal dictionary for some keywords in mobile. Translate the words you want to add to the dictionary. The word will show you in history, on top of those words, the symbol of the star is also displayed. Tap on star symbols to add it to the dictionary. Words will be added to your dictionary. If you are logged into a computer with the same Gmail ID that you are using in the Google Translate application, then you can also use this personal dictionary on the website. To use, click on the star symbol next to “Turn on instant translation” link at the top of the website. To add a new, tap on the star symbol below the translation.

What is phrasebook in google translate app

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Tap to Translate

This feature has recently been added to the Google Translate app. With this feature, you can translate text from any of your mobile applications or mobile’s web browsers. To translate, select the text that you want to translate. Now tap on the copy, as soon as you tap on the copy, the Google translate logo will blink on top of the right, tapping on the logo will translate your text. Before using this feature, you have to enable it once. To enable it, open the Google Translate application and tap on the menu option. Now go to Settings and then tap on “Tap to translate”. Finally, you’ll get the option to enable, tap on the Enable.

How to translate text from all applications using google translate app

Google Translate Saves Your Translation History

Whatever you translate in the mobile application of Google Translate, the text is saved in your history, which you can use again whenever you are offline. If you are learning any language, then this feature will be very helpful for you.

Google Translator functions

Camera for text scan

This is a very helpful feature to scan text in Google Translate Application. You can use this feature for two types.

Scan for Translate

Scan the texts using the Google Translate application’s camera feature or you can translate pictures from gallery. To scan, move the camera to the text of the paper or school/college board as you always do when capturing photos. Capture text correctly. Now you have to highlight text. Rub your finger over the text to select the text you want to translate. You can also select all the text by tapping on the select all option shown below. This feature will be useful when you want to translate something from a book or translate some text from college or school board.

how to translate text on images or board

Scan for Copy anywhere

If you want to type the text of a paper/board. Then scan that text with the Google translate camera and now you do not need to type the text, just paste the scanned text. This feature is available only in the application.


If you want to type some text by drawing, the app allows you to do this. You need to use the handwriting feature. Before using, select the languages and then tap on handwriting. Just type a word and tap on the space button, do it continuously.

How to draw words and translate by google translate


The conversation will listen to your voice and tell you in another language, in the language you want. If you are learning a language then you can use this free feature for your language practice. If you have gone to some other place and you do not know the language of there, then this feature can be of great help to you. Whenever someone is not able to understand your language and you are not understanding his language, then use this feature. Select your language on one side and select another language on the other side and tap on Auto. Now you have something to say in your language and Google will speak in his language. Similarly, he will say in his language, the translator will tell you in your language. This feature is available only in the application.


If you want to translate using your voice, then use the voice feature. Voice feature will listen to translate your language into another language you choose. You can use the voice translation feature in both application and website.

Offline Translation

This feature will come in handy when you do not have the internet or you are not in the network area, you can use it if you are traveling on the flight. You will have to download languages for offline translation. To download, tap on the application menu and then tap on offline translation. Now you will see some languages. Languages will also get a symbol to download ahead. Tap the download symbol next to the language you want to download. Offline translation is not available on the website.

How to translate offline by google translate

These tricks that I have found, apart from these tips and tricks if you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. You can share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.

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