Choosing a good niche for blogging is very important. To increase your blog’s popularity, you only need to publish the post on a niche. By mixing all the niche, your blog will not look professional. You will not get good ranking in the search engines.  The tips given below in choosing a good niche for blogging will be of great help to you.

How to Choose a Perfect Niche For Blogging

It is very important to choose a niche in blogging. If you mix Niche then your blog will not be able to rank in the search engine. So you select one Niche and write posts on that Niche.

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How to choosing the right Niche, read the following tips carefully for it.

Make a long list of your knowledge

Prepare a list including answers to all the following questions given below, If your list is going to be long, do not worry, the list will be long.

  • According to you which topic you have the most knowledge.
  • Which of your work is most liked by your friends, your family, and your others.
  • What is your dream business? And
  • What is the passion of you?

You can also merge some Niche like computer and mobile can be merged into a single. If you want to keep separate, you can also keep it separate.

Make a shortlist

Now sort out 5-6 Niche from the above list, about whom you know the most and write it in the second list. Ensure that you are sorting the same Niche which you can write a lot about.

Now we have to research?

Research the sorted niche

First of all, go to other blogs related to your Niche, carefully read their blogs and comments. If they have posted a lot and have a lot of comments then it means that the blog you are reading is in the trend. You can start writing on that Niche.

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View on social network sites

There are lots of popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus etc. You go to these social network sites and search your Niche keyword. You will find many groups or pages that will be related to your keyword.

What is the idea of the people on which you are choosing a Niche? , How many people like that, all this will be known.

If you find it in trend, then you can use it.

See Question-Answer websites and forum websites

In addition to social network sites, if you want to know more, go to question-answer or forum sites such as Quora is a question-answer site. In these sites, you will find many questions related to your Niche which you are choosing. You can also put your question.

Some examples of question-answer sites are below.

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These sites will help you to find out more about your Niche. To see the popularity of Niche in Forums, type “keyword + forum” in the Google search box.

In the Q & A sites and forums sites, you can pick up Niche, for which shows more messages or queries.

Using Research Tool, you can research more about Niche.

Check out some niche research tools

There are many research tools that can be useful in choosing the right Niche. You can type your keyword in the search box of these research tools, from there you will find very good information about your keywords. From which one of the tools is google keyword planner.

Keyword Planner is a free tool of Google Adwords, it tells you about that keyword how often that keyword has been searched in a month. You type the keyword in the Keyword Planner’s search box. You’ll know how much monthly searches have been done on your main keyword and its related keywords. If the monthly search is 10k or more of your main keyword and searches for 50k or more related keywords, then you can select that niche.

Apart from the Keyword Planner, some other research tools were given below which you can also use.

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Check whether your Niche is profitable

If you want to earn income from your blog, then you can check the sources of income related to your niche.

Affiliate marketing is a great source to earn income. First of all, research what products are available in affiliate programs related to your niche, and how profitable they are. There are some popular affiliate sites where you can see all of these.

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Flipkart

Considering all the things given above, choose a niche from your shortlist.  In the small list of 5-6 Niche, which is in the most trend, which is more profitable in affiliate marketing, on the Forums site which has more messages, which are more trends in social sites and most commented select that Niche only.

Choosing a Niche that is your Passion, which you have a lot of knowledge, in which you are generating good income too, for which you will also enjoy spending more time, this will be the best for you.

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These were some of the best suggestions that you would like. Apart from these tips which you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. Please share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.