People are buying expensive mobile phones from the market, even everyone wants to buy an expensive smartphone but simultaneously, mobile theft is also increasing. Many people are losing their expensive mobile due to the mobile theft or lost mobile. More misery than mobile theft is to lose all important and private data with the mobile.

Think once, if a hacker stole your mobile, then what he can do with your personal data. For more details about what will happen if mobile is stolen and how to protect mobile to theft or lost read article, link given below.


If your smartphone was stolen, you can definitely search your mobile on the map. You can track exact location of your lost mobile, you must use the following procedures according to your mobile and O/S type.

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How to Find Lost Android Phone

Android smartphone users have to follow the steps below to track their stolen or lost mobile phones. I am suggesting again, please watch the above video to better understand this topic.

  •  First of all, you have to search ‘Android Device Manager’ on google.
  •  Click on the first result as shown in the picture below.


mobile location


  • Now you must login by Google, use Google’s same ID that is logged in to mobile. If you are using many Google accounts, use someone but old is better.

Find Android  Mobile On Google Map

  • After logging in, a Google Map will open, you can see the exact location of your stolen or lost mobile as a mobile symbol on the Google Map. Look in the picture below.
Mobile Location

Google Map

  • In the lower right corner there are zoom in and out options, with this option you can this map zoom in and out too. By doing more zooming you can see the clear location of theft or lost mobile. Look in the picture above.
  • You can see some details of your device in the top left corner of Google Maps.
  • Now you have to know what your mobile location is showing in the map.
  • Look in the map, if the location of your stolen or lost mobile are showing near around you than you can go there to get your mobile back.

Find if your android mobile is in silent mode

If your mobile is in silent mode or your map is showing it in your home and you do not know where it is exact in the home. You can play the sound in your mobile, if the mobile is in silent mode there is no problem, the sound will still play. To play sound, click the Play Sound button which is in the left side.

locate mobile


How to Lock your lost mobile?

If your mobile is showing too far from you in the map, you can lock it using the lock button. After clicking on the lock button, you will see two options, first is recovery message and second is contact number. In the recovery message you have to type the message and fill the contact number in the contact number option and then click on the lock button. Your mobile will lock and show the message and contact number on the lock screen, if a good person gets your mobile, than he can contact you. You can also give some greed, such as money.

How to erase data of lost android Mobile?

If your mobile has some confidential data and you don’t want to take risks with data, you can erase all the mobile data. You have to click the erase button and all your data will be automatically removed. If mobile is offline, all data will be removed automatically when mobile is online.

You can also use all the above features on Android’s Find My Device application.

Download Find My Device Application (For Android Users)

How to find Lost iPhone 

iPhone users have to search Find My iPhone on google or can click on the link below. Follow the same process which is for android. You can get Find My iPhone application from Apple App Store or you can go directly from the link below.

Apple Website

Downlaod Apple Application

How to Find Lost Window Phone

Windows Phone users will need to use Microsoft’s login page to find lost or stolen mobile. After entering the ID and password in the login page, you have to click on profile. Click on your device in the profile, then all steps are similar to the above.

find lost window mobile

Go to Microsoft Login Page

Feature Phone Users

If you are using a feature phone, it is not possible to track on the map by yourself. You need the help of the police. Carry your mobile bill in the police station to register an FIR. I will soon post an article for feature phone users that how to track feature phone on the map.

For all above processes your mobile should be online. It’s chances that your mobile is online because everyone can’t offline before the mobile must be unlocked. If your mobile is lost and nobody has found it then before the battery will low or anyone else finds it, you have to search it fast.

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