There will be few computer users who don’t know about VLC media player, VLC media player is not only a media player but also a very good computer screen recorder. If you make about computer-related tutorials like applications, websites, and languages etc. and if you are looking for a good screen recorder, then VLC media player can be very useful for your work. With the VLC media player, you can record desktop in free, besides recording you can also convert and run the recorded media file. This media player supports almost all major media formats.

If you search the desktop recorder in Google, you will find lots of software links, but in the VLC media player, there is a feature of the screen recording along with the player and the feature of the converter that you do not find almost in any other software.

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How to Record Desktop Screen

It is very easy to record the screen with the help of VLC media player. Follow the steps given below.

To record a desktop screen, launch VLC media player and then press CTRL + C of the keyboard or click on the Media menu above and click on “Open Capture Device”.

You will now have a new window open in front of you. In the new window, click on the Capture Device tab. Click on the drop-down under capture mode and select Desktop. Set the frame rate in between 10 f/s to 30 f/s (frame per second) if it is a large file then it can be up to 20 f/s but it will need more resources. Clicking on the play button will start recording the screen, which you can also watch in the player.

Record Computer screen using vlc media player

When the recording is done, it will automatically save to the Videos folder C Drive.

vlc screen recorded file

If you want more advanced options like different video formats,  click the drop-down button next to the play button and then click on convert.

vlc media converter option

Another new window will open, in the Destination file option in this window, type or browse the address of the file where you want to save the recording. If you want, you can change the video format with the drop-down button under Profile, if you want a good quality, then select Video-H.264 + MP3 (MP4). Finally, click the Start button.

record desktop screefree computer screen recording softwaren


All the windows of the VLC media player will be minimized and the recording will start. Click on the stop batton of the VLC media player to stop the recording.

VLC Media player stop button

Find the recording file in the Destination folder that you set.

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