GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar and hosting provider company. GoDaddy offers domain and web hosting plans at a cheap price. The installation process of WordPress on GoDaddy is quite easy. Being a beginner you can use the one-click installation software “Installatron” to easily install WordPress. The installation process is as simple as installing “Adobe Photoshop” on a computer.

In this guide, I have explained in simple guide language, so that even non-technical persons can learn. Installing WordPress is a very simple process, even you can install WordPress in less than five minutes.

What is WordPress?

What to do Before installing WordPress on GoDaddy?

Before installing WordPress on Godaddy, you must have a GoDaddy web hosting plan and a domain name. As GoDaddy offers domain names and web hosting plans at very cheap prices, you can also buy.

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If you want to buy a new Web hosting plan for a WordPress site, we recommend Bluehost. They are one of the largest hosting company in the world, and they are also an official WordPress hosting partner.

For TechNeem users, they’re offering 50% off and a free domain name as well.

Now, if you are ready with a good web hosting plan and domain name, then you are also ready to install WordPress.

Login Hosting cPanel of Godaddy

There are two ways to login to GoDaddy Hosting’s Control Panel (cPanel). One is direct access to the control panel and the other is through a GoDaddy account.

How to direct access to cPanel account to install WordPress?

To login directly to the cPanel account, type the site URL in the address bar of the web browser and add “: 2082” or “: 2083” as a suffix. For example, your site URL is “”, type it “” in the browser. If your site uses SSL certificate than use “: 2083: ( or if not using SSL then use”: 2082: ( ).
how to direct login to cPanel of GoDaddy to install WordPress

Now, you will be asked to fill in the login ID and password to access the cPanel account, for cPanel fill the same ID and password as the GoDaddy account. If you are unable to complete this process then you can also log in through a GoDaddy account.

How to login GoDaddy hosting control panel through Godaddy account?

Log in into a GoDaddy Host cPanel through a GoDaddy Host account is also an easy process. You will have to log in to the GoDaddy portal with your login ID and password. After successful login, you will be re-directed to GoDaddy’s product page. If not, copy this link “” to the Internet browser’s address bar and visit the page.

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Here’s how:-

  1. Find your Web Hosting plan in the products list.How to install WordPress on GoDaddy to
  2. Click on the Manage button next to the web hosting.
  3. Click on “use my domain”.
  4. Now select the web hosting account on which you want to install WordPress and click on the Manage button.
  5. Now, you will be automatically redirected to GoDaddy Hosting cPanel.

Install WordPress on GoDaddy hosting cPanel

Now you are logged into GoDaddy web hosting’s cPanel (Control Panel) and you can start installing. Using the Installatron tool, you can install WordPress within 5 minutes. Even non-technical personal can easily install WordPress using the Installatron tool.

Here’s How:-

  • In cPanel, Scroll Down to Web Applications section.install wordpress on cPanel of GoDaddy Hosting
  • Click on WordPress.
  • In the next page, you will see an overview of WordPress.WordPress overview to install wordpress
  • Click on the “+install this application” button, you will find it at the right side of the page.
  • Now a form will appear, fill only important columns.

I will guide you.

How to fill WordPress Installatron form to install WordPress

wordpress installation form on godaddy


Select the domain for the drop-down for which you want to install WordPress.


Usually “blog” is the default text in the directory column. If you keep this text as it is, your URL will look like “” and a physical directory will be created on the server’s hard drive, the path will be like “/ home / yourcpanelusername / public_html / blog / “. In my case, I left it blank because it is an optional field.

If you are creating a blog, you can leave it blank because while blogging, you will need to create all the web pages related to the topic of your blog or if you are building a website for a company, then you can publish your blog on a separate blog page. Finally, if you are confused then leave it blank, you can set it later.


Keep this default.


Select your language.

WordPress (License agreement)

Select “I accept the license agreement”.

Automatic Update

There are three options: 1. Do not automatically update, 2. Update to new minor versions and security releases. 3. Update to any new version. Here you are asking about how to update WordPress. If you are confused, keep it by default as you can change it anytime. In my case, I chose “Update to New Minor Version and Security Release”. My recommendation is “Update to New Minor Version and Security Release”.

WordPress Plugin Automatic Update

Set it as your choice or keep it default, you can change it later. In my case, I had chosen “Do not automatically update WordPress plugins” because there are some plugins that are inactive by me, I do not want to update automatically.

WordPress Theme Automatic Update

Set it as your choice or keep it default. You can always change this later. In my case, I chose “Do not automatically update a WordPress theme” because I was a beginner at the time and I was using a free theme. I did not want to update the free theme automatically, without knowing what changes have been made to the theme. Now, I am using a pro theme and I changed it to “update automatically”. As a beginner, you can also follow the same process.

Automatic Update Backup

TechNeem’s recommendation is to select the first option “Create a backup and automatically restore the backup if the update fails”.

Administrator Username

Type and remember the username for your WordPress admin panel. You will need this username every time you log in to WordPress. The admin username can also be changed via cPanel.

Administrator Password

Also, Type and memorize a password, you need it with administrator username to access the WordPress admin panel.

Administrator Email

Type your email address in administrator email column.

Website Title

Type Title name for your Blog or Company website like – “TechNeem”, “apple” etc.

Website Tagline

Type a tagline of your blog or a company like – “Open Happiness” of Coca Cola, and “Think Different” of Apple, etc.

Two-factor Authentication

Keep this default.

Limit Login Attempts

Keep this default.

Enable Multi-Sites

Keep this default.

Advanced Setting Management

Keep this default.

If you are confused about filling any column then you can keep it default and change it later. Finally, after filling the complete details click on the “+ Install” button. Now, Installatron will install WordPress, wait until the installation is complete. After the installation is complete, you will see the installed application in the “My Applications” tab, with its site URL on the tab of the “Installatron panel”.

install wordpress on godaddy

Click on your site URL that has a prefix as “wp-admin” and looks like “”. If you see a pop-up that says “Create a WordPress website”, click “No Thanks”.
install wordpress on godaddy to install wordpressIf you will click on “Continue” it will take your website on “” instead “”. Read what is the difference between and

After clicking “No Thanks”, you will be redirected to the WordPress admin panel. Now your WordPress is successfully installed.

Congratulations, you can now install WordPress without spending money on a WordPress developer.

Bonus Tips

WordPress ID and Password

For next time login WordPress admin panel, you need to type “” in an internet browser. You will have asked for username and password, Fill the same password you had filled administrator username and administrator password during filling WordPress Installatron form to install WordPress.

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