There are many reliable web-hosting providers, you cannot find a separate tutorial for each hosting provider to install WordPress on it. But don’t worry, you can install WordPress on any web-hosting provider with the help of this post. In this tutorial, I will guide you in simple guide language how you can manually install WordPress on any web hosting. You can do this even if you are a non-technical person or a beginner.

With managed WordPress hosting you did not have to install WordPress on it because it comes pre-installed.

Wait! Before installing WordPress on any web hosting make sure your hosting provider fulfills necessary software and conditions and also some requirements.

Server-side Requirements:-

  • PHP 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.1 or greater

Local Requirements:-

  • Login Account (user id and password) to the server via FTP or shell
  • Text Editor (Notepad, etc)
  • FTP
  • Your web browser (any browser of your choice like chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc )

Also, you must have an access method to the server and some tools. If you are confused about all the requirements, just forget everything because each popular hosting provider fulfills all the requirements. But you must have a computer or a laptop with a web browser installed and an internet connection.

If your hosting providers fulfill all requirements, let’s get started to install WordPress on any web hosting manually.

Install WordPress on any web hosting

In the process, we will not use any software for installing WordPress. We will do everything manually. As a beginner, you have a chance to learn a premium guide.

Download WordPress

First of all, launch your internet browser and download the latest version of the WordPress software from It will be downloaded in .zip folder, right-click on the .zip folder and click on “Extract All“.

Wordpress zip folder extract

You will see an unzipper window, click on the “Extract” button.extract zip folder

Now you will get a simple folder with the name”WordPress (and version)“. Double click on the folder to open it, you will find another single simple folder with the name “WordPress“.Wordpress Downloaded folder

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Double click on this folder too. Now, you will find some files and folders in the ‘WordPress” folder. Minimize this folder and go to the web hosting cPanel (Control Panel).

Login cPanel Account to install WordPress

To login directly to the cPanel account, type the site URL in the address bar of the web browser and add “: 2082” or “: 2083” as a suffix. For example, your site URL is “”, type it “” in the browser. If your site uses SSL certificate then use “: 2083” ( or if not using SSL then use “: 2082” ( ).  You can also type cPanel instead of numbers like

how to direct login to cPanel

Now, you will be asked to fill in the login ID and password to access the cPanel account, fill the same ID and password of the web host account ID and password. If you are unable to complete this process then you can also log in through the web host account. Each web host has a different process but this process is an easy process.

Put a comment in the comment box with the name of your web hosting provider company, I will explain how you can access cPanel through your web hosting account.

Upload WordPress files

On the cPanel, locate “Files Manager” under the “Files” section and follow the steps:-

  1. Double Click on “Files Manager” to open it. It will open in a new tab.
  2. Open “public_html” folder.
  3. On top of the page, you will find an upload option, click on it.
  4. Click “Select File“.
  5. Now select all files in the “WordPress” folder which you have earlier downloaded and unzipped.
  6. Click on the “Open” button, and let it upload.

Now WordPress files uploaded successfully and you need to install WordPress.

How to install WordPress

Steps to install WordPress

  1. To install WordPress, Open a new tab.
  2. Type your site URL in the address bar of the new tab and hit Enter button.
  3. Now you will find a setup to install WordPress, if not comment me I will help you.
  4. Select your language in the available language options in which you want to install WordPress and click on the continue button.Install wordpress on any web hosting
  5. On the next step, you will be provided information to set up a database connection for WordPress. Click on the Let’s Go button.database setup to install wordpress on any web host
  6. Now, you need to set up database connections.database setup on wordpress installation
  7. Fill the Database Name, Username, and Passwords. If you don’t know how to create Database Name, Username and Passwords, visit our next article.
  8. Keep Database host default as “localhost” and also keep Table Prefix default as “wp_” if you did not want to run multiple WordPress installations in a single database.
  9. Finally, Click on the “Submit” button.
  10. You will see a message as”All right”. Click on the “Run the Installation” button.
  11. WordPress installation has started. Fill the installation form showing on your computer screen.How to fill wordpress installation form

In the “Site Title” Column, fill the Title of your site.

Make a unique username and a strong password. Keep this login detail remembered because you need this detail every time you log in WordPress.

Fill your email in the “Fill Email” column.

Keep untick “Search Engine Visibility” if you want to crawl your website on Google and other search engines.

12.  Now, Click on the “Install WordPress” button.

13.  You will see a Successe message with the “Log in” button.Worpress successfullly installation message

WordPress Installation has completed successfully.

Click on the “Log in” button to login WordPress. Use the username and password which you created at the time of filling the WordPress installation form.

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