The mouse is a simple input device, the common computer user use more mouse than the keyboard. Many people do not even know how to use a computer without a mouse. Clicking means to press the mouse button, whenever we want to click we press the mouse button. There are also many advanced tricks of the mouse that you should know, using these tricks and tips will make your computer work a little easier and faster.

Selection With the Mouse by Holding the Shift Button

To select text, we usually use the mouse cursor with the left click of the mouse. While doing this, sometimes the mouse hangs or the mouse pad is not available, the text cannot be properly selected. There is also an easy way to select the text without dragging the mouse cursor and holding the mouse click. Click where you want to start the selection. Now press and hold the Shift button and click with the mouse where you want to end the selection. You do not need to press and hold the mouse click while doing this. You can also use this trick to select music, files, and text of web pages.

select text by mouse

Select Multiple Files or Text by Mouse

Many times we have to highlight some text or some music files have to be sorted for copying or removing. To do this, we copy the file one by one or remove it one by one, it takes a lot of time to waste it. In a text document, if we have to choose multiple paragraphs or sentences for copying or formatting, then we typically choose one by one and make a copy one by one.

But can we choose together? Yes, of course, we can. but how?

This can be done easily by using the Ctrl button of the keyboard.

How to select multiple text

To select multiple files, click one of the files, then press and hold down the CTRL key of the keyboard, now click on multiple files one by one. During this type of selection, if there are some groups of files that you want to choose at once, to select those files, press and hold the mouse click and drag on the files. The selection of the text is done just like the selection of files. To select multiple texts, select some text as always. Then press and hold the Ctrl button and select the text by pressing the mouse button. You can leave the Ctrl button and mouse click after selecting a row or text. But you will have to press it again during the next line or text selection.

Select the text in rectangular or square shapes

Can you select some sentences between paragraphs in a rectangular or square shape as in the picture below? If not, then do it now.

how to do selection in rectangular shape

From where you want to start the selection, click on the mouse button and then press and hold the Alt button and start the selection and see the magic of text selection.

New context menu on mouse dragging

The menu that opens by right-clicking on the mouse is called the context menu. Generally, we use shortcuts to copy and move text/files or right-click on the mouse to open the context menu. But there is another easy way to select text or files. This is a hidden context menu that does not open by left-clicking on the mouse. To open this hidden context menu, select the text or files that will be copied or transferred. Drag this selection with the right click on the mouse. Dragging selection will open a different context menu where you will find options for copy, move, link, archive, .rar and shortcuts.

new text menu in Ms word

new context menu in file

To copy or move, click on the Copy or Move options.

Mouse Clicks on Windows

There are three buttons in the right last in the title bar of the window, which is used to minimize, maximize and exit the window but those buttons are small to click. You can instead restore down the window by double-clicking anywhere between the title bar and then to do the maximize, you can double click on the title bar title bar closed by mouse

The window can also be closed by double-clicking on the left end of the title bar.

Open Link in New Tab

When we are working on a website then there are many intriguing links shows that we would like to open. If we click Direct, the link will open, but the work we were doing on the website will be lost. This is why we open the link in a new tab, for which we right click on the link with the mouse and click on the Open link in the new tab option.

But instead, I use a simple shortcut to open links in new tabs. Using this shortcut you can open links in a new tab with one click. Press and hold the Ctrl key and click directly on the link to open in new tab.


Rename File Names

To rename a file, we need to open the context menu or press the F2 button on the keyboard. You can also use the mouse shortcut to rename the file. To do this, click the file name that you want to rename and after 2 seconds click on the same filename again. Now, you can type a new name for the file. After entering the new name, press Enter.

Zoom In/Out

I think the maximum computer users know about this, but this is for those who do not know about this. Whenever some work is online, if any text, photo, or code is too small to appear, then press and hold the ctrl button and scroll up to zoom in on those web pages. Scrolling the mouse wheel down with the Ctrl button will zoom out. This is a very simple trick but it is a very useful trick. For zooming purposes, you can use this trick in some other applications also.

By scrolling down without the Ctrl button, you can also make pages up and down in web pages and in some other applications.

Double or  Triple Clicks

Some time ago, I had posted an article “15 MS Word Tips to Faster Work for Advanced Users”. If you have read this post, you will remember that I have written simple tips to choose text quickly. I explained all the tips in that post well. If you have not read that post, then read it now. I am giving a link to that post. To open that link in a new tab, use the trick above that means pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on that link.


Watch this video to better understand

These tricks that I have found, apart from these tips and tricks if you know and have missed from me, then definitely write us in the comment. You can share your experience, suggestions or questions here, I would be happy to help you. You can share this post on your Facebook or WhatsApp group.