Hello Friends, Almost everyone knows about MS-Word as MS-Word have so many users. If you are reading this article, it means that you are also a user of MS-Word then for your help today I’m presenting 15 Advance tips for doing work on MS-Word faster, Much Easier with Efficiently. Subscribe our newsletter and keep getting all new update and helpful tips.

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1. Paragraph Selection

Generally, we select the paragraph by drag mouse with the left click but you can select the entire paragraph by triple-click anywhere within the paragraph. It is simple but very useful trick.

2. Sentence Selection

Hold down the CTRL key and click anywhere within the sentence to select entire sentence. By doing this, you can save your time to select sentences by Shift + Arrows keys or by dragging mouse.

3. Rectangular Selection

Do you know the rectangular block in MS Word can also be selected? Can you do this? Yes, Hold down the Alt key and drag mouse with right click to select rectangular blocks of text in a word document. You can change color, can bold, italic, underline, cut, copy and paste of selected words.ms-word rectangular selection

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4. Type Anywhere in MS-Word document

You can type any where in word document. Just double click wherever you want to type your text and start typing. You can use MS-Word as a whiteboard.

5. Manage Font Size

To increase or decrease the font size of the selected word you do not need to go to the font menu in the Home section of MS-Word. You can simply select text and Press Ctrl+Shift+> to increase font size and Press Ctrl+Shift+< to decrease font size.

6. Make Horizontal Line

A horizontal line can be created under your text without using the menu options. Type Three hyphen (—) and press enter to make a horizontal line under texts, sentences or paragraphs.

7. Make a Quick Table

Type a plus (+) symbol then press tab, repeat this action as often as the number of cell you want to add for make a table and press Enter. Now, you can add more rows by pressing the tab button. This is very useful and time saver trick for MS-Word users.

8. Change Sentence Case

You Can quickly change Sentence case in form of lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word or tOGGLE cASE by short keys. Just Select some text and press Shift + F3 to quickly change. Sometimes we need to type in capital letters, but in capital letters, we can’t find our spelling mistakes. Using this process, you can type in lowercase and then convert it to uppercase.

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9. Know Last Location

In the offices, sometimes we works in long documents of MS-Word and we want to go to the same spot where it was last. At that time, we waste our time finding and dragging with the mouse.  Short way to move cursor to the last location where it was last edited press Shift+F5.

10. How to Use Unicode?

You can Quickly add Unicode to your word document if you know the Unicode of any character, You have to type Unicode of any character and press Alt+X. For Example – The code of right arrow is 2192, type 2192 and press Alt+X and the code will be changed to right arrow symbol. You can also add Indian Rupee symbol by typing the Indian Rupee Symbol’s code which is 20B9.

11. Quick Move

If you want to move any text or illustration select it and Press F2 and then place the cursor at the spot where you want to move and then press enter, selection will be moved. Instead of using Ctrl + X to cut and using Ctrl + V to paste it is a fast way.

12. Quick Numbering

If you need to fill the serial number in a long table column, select all first column where the number is required, click on number bullet and see the magic. Now, if you will add new columns by using tab button than serial number will be filled automatically. You can change serial number as alphabets or roman number by using their bullets.

13. Manage Space Between Lines

Click on any blank line between two lines, and press Ctrl+] to increase line space and press Ctrl+[ to decrease line space. This trick is used when the document size does not fit in the paper size at the time of print.

14. Typing Error

When typing, some words are typed incorrectly, instead of doing the backspace button to delete the whole word, hold down the Ctrl key and then press Backspace for delete the preceding word.

15. Spike – Double, Triple or Multiple Cut and Paste with Single Click

Select text or illustration and press Ctrl+F3, repeat this action again as often as you required cuts. Then place the cursor at the spot where you want to move and press Ctrl+Shift+F3 to paste all one place. Selection will be moved magically. Mostly, this trick is used in the offices to move illustration from one MS-Word document to another MS-Word document.

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