A man can pass a day without eating food, but nowadays it is not possible without a smartphone. Due to the new important features, applications, and advantage of a Smartphone, mobile is very important for us to fulfill such important small tasks and to save our valuable time. Therefore it is very important to protect mobile.

Here’s how to protect mobile.

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Let us know what we mostly do in our mobile?

(1) We do not need a camera when there is a small party or a picnic in the house, we take photos and videos of the family from our smartphone.

(2) Sometimes we need important documents, so we keep their photos in mobile.

(3) we also store many identifiers or business phone numbers in the mobile.

(4) Having a smartphone, we receive important emails like bank details, credit card statements and other official emails with attachments on our mobile.

(5) A smartphone can also be used for Net-banking and there is no need to remember the password because after filling it once, if we allow it, then automatically fills the mobile.

(6) Many applications, such as the Wallet app in mobile, are also easy to use because there is no need to fill in the password repeatedly.

(7) By having a chat app, we enjoy the day by chatting with friends. People who are away from home, save money by chatting instead of calling for a long time with their wife or girlfriends. All of the secret chats made by us are saved on our mobile.

(8) All data that are downloaded by email or internet are also saved on our mobile.


What will happen if mobile is stolen?

Imagine yourself for a minute, what will happen if your mobile is lost or stolen, without which one day is difficult to pass. Often people think of this when it really happens to them, but till then it’s too late. It’s too bad if your mobile is also lost because:-

(1) Your mobile gallery contains photos and videos of your family, which can be misused if someone takes it.

(2) In addition to family photographs, many people keep their important documents, such as office papers, home registration documents, ID proofs, banking documents and vehicle registration documents in their smartphones.

(3) Your mobile has phone numbers of your home relatives and business persons, which can also be found in the wrong hands.

(4) The possibility of misuse is the highest if:-

  • Net Banking application and Wallet application on your mobile are password free.
  • If password Auto-fills is active for Net Banking and other financial sites in your mobile browsers
  • If your credit card details are saved in shopping applications.

(5) There may be a lot of losses from chat applications, depending on what you have shared on chat applications.

(6) What is the need to reset a password? If your mobile has been stolen, the thief has your email id application and mobile number in the mobile. The thief can use your Mobile number for OTP verification and email application for password link verification. Before you know, your mobile has been stolen or if lost or a friend has joked with you, the thief must have completed his work.

Now, How can we protect our expensive mobile?

So let’s now know what we can do. Here you are being told some suggestions, By reading these suggestions, you will be completely free of worry. Read the following suggestions : –

Watch the video

Here is a video is given below, which will help you understand this topic better. So you must watch this video.

This video is in Hindi. If you do not know Hindi, then you can click on Creative Commons in the video player and read the subtitle in English.

Note IMEI Number

Write down the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), because if the mobile is stolen, and you do not have IMEI, then the police can not do anything. If you use feature phones, then IMEI is the only way to find your phone. Your mobile SIM card can be changed or replaced, but IMEI can’t be changed because it is in the circuit of your mobile.

If you do not know what IMEI is and where it is. So you dial * # 06 # on your mobile, here you will see a number, which will be your mobile’s IMEI number. If you have two SIM cards in your mobile, you will get two different IMEI numbers and if you have purchased a new mobile, you can also get it on your mobile bill. If you are not getting the IMEI number yet, then remove your mobile battery and now look inside the mobile.

Mobile Backup

If you back up your mobile regularly, the data that will be stolen in your mobile, you also have a copy that will be useful to you and how useful it is, if you read the next post You fully understood. You do not need any memory card or computer or laptop to back up, you can also backup the mobile to the cloud storage. Please see the video above for more information.

Mobile Password

If you are using a simple password like 0000, then replace it with a strong password, which does not have any hint of others. A strong password means that case letters, lowercase, special characters, and numbers are a combination. If your neighbor steals mobile, he can not unlock even if you are using a strong password. Remember to change your mobile password on time. If your mobile has a fingerprint reader, then use it definitely.

Anti Theft App

There are so many anti-theft applications in the app store, use one of these apps that protects mobile from theft. If you are in a crowded area, market, bus or train, then definitely use it to protect your smartphone.

Keep attention in the market

In the market or crowded area, there is the most risk of mobile theft. Before going to the market, please start the GPS of your mobile to easily locate when it is stolen. When you go into a shop or a restaurant, do not keep the mobile on the counter or table, otherwise, you can forget the mobile too. Anti-theft applications can also be used.

To understand this topic clearly, you should watch the above video

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