VPS is a new style of web hosting, many people and businesses are confused about VPS hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Many types of web hosting will be available if you search on Google. Which web hosting is good for your website or which is bad, it depends on the needs of your websites.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting)

VPS is a part of a server that is divided by virtualization techniques. A single physical server is divided into various spaces that make up its own virtual server. Each virtual server is a VPS which usually rented by the customer.

It is different from Shared hosting, In shared hosting all resources (Like RAM, Bandwidth, IP and disc etc) of a server can be used by every user of that server but in Virtual Private Server, you will be provided separate resources for your use only. Virtual Private Server hosting is acts like a dedicated hosting server without paying dedicated hosting charges. It is more secure and fast then shared hosting. You can install almost all operating system and software on it. You have full control to manage it, as you like.


Who Uses is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Shared hosting is good for low traffic blogs when a blog or website begins to get more traffic, then they should upgrade their hosting plan. Instead of renting a full expensive dedicated server, moving over Virtual Private Server hosting will be a good idea. A complete dedicated server is very difficult to manage.

Many hosting providers are selling unmanaged VPS hosting plans at cheap rates. If you buy this type of hosting, you will need a good technical knowledge of Linux to manage it. If you don’t have any knowledge of Linux, then you will have to purchase a managed VPS hosting plan from any of the trusted hosting providers. Some reliable and cheap hosting providers are KnownHost and Cloudways. If you wish, you can purchase Virtual Private Server hosting from them.

Managed Virtual Private Server vs Unmanaged Virtual Private Server

In unmanaged Virtual Private Server, you need to control hosting yourself and for that, you need the good knowledge of Linux. It is cheaper than managed VPS hosting but it is difficult to handle without knowledge of Linux. In managed hosting, the hosting company’s experienced team manages all issues. We do not have to worry about any issues related to hosting. If you do not have any knowledge of Linux then this is a good option for buying managed VPS hosting from trusted hosting companies like Knownhost and Cloudways.

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