A web hosting server is a place where your website resides. Before purchasing a web hosting plan, you should remember that the web host will affect the performance of your business website. You are confused and do not know how to select an ideal web host for your dream website. Do not worry because I’m helping you make your website great by selecting a great web host here.

In this guide, I have explained in simple guide language so that non-technical persons can also learn. I am going to share with you how to get a good web host with an affordable price that best suits on your website. ..

Before choosing a better web host, you need to consider the following five suggestions.

1. Web Host Reliability

High uptime is very important to ensure that your visitors can always access your website from different time zones throughout the world. Usually, uptime is considered as a percentage of the total available time. You need a web host which provide a minimum 99.95% or better uptime 24x7, both in terms of server and network connections.

If the website receives 99.99% or better uptime, it means it was available and accessible all year 24/7 without any downtimes.

To know web host uptime information you can read reviews, visit the web hosting provider’s website.

2. Server Upgrading Option in Web Hosting Plan

Shared hosting plans are a good option for beginners who are getting monthly unique visitors below 50,000. When your blog will start receiving high volume traffic. It will be unable to manage it and will not react at the desired speed. At that time you need a web hosting plan with high resources.

Choose a web host that offers you a better plan for the future. In addition, they should have an option for the server upgrade without data loss.

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3. cPanel and One-click Installer

cPanel – cPanel is control panel to manage web host. It is similar to the windows control panel. It is my suggestion to select a web host with easy-to-use cPanel. So that you can easily manage your web host, especially if you are a beginner or a non-technical person.

One-click installer – One-click installer is a useful feature for people both technical and non-technical. A non-technical person is also able to install the software in hosting without too much technical knowledge. A technical person can save time by installing software with one click.

With this feature, you can install things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other web applications. During the installation, you just have to fill some information by typing or selecting. Ensure that your web hosting plan also includes this feature, if necessary.

4. Sign Up Versus Renewal Price

When you buy a web hosting plan, you will find the price of hosting very affordable. But if you examine deeply, you will find that renewal prices are very high.

For example, if the cost of signup is $5 /mo, the renewal cost maybe $10-15 /mo.

Before buying, make sure prices are not more than double. You can check renewal prices on the Web Hosting Provider’s website.

5. Web Host Support

Active customer support is very important, especially if you are a newbie or non-technical person. Having a web hosting plan, it is common to have problems with web hosting. Some of them are unable to solve themselves. You need to get help from customer support. If customer support is not able to help at the same time, then its impact on SEO.

Customer support is very helpful with live chat and phone calls. Some documentation is also available on the Web Host Company website. By reading these, we can solve common issues ourselves.

Do not go for a web host company that does not have 24/7 customer support and good documentation.

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I will be sharing more such guides in the coming days. I hope your confusion should have gone away, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment on us? You can also comment if you want to give some suggestions. Share this post with WhatsApp and facebook group and tell other people about it.