You listen or read more about blogs, weblog, blogging or blogger but you don’t know the real meaning of these words?  Here in this post, I will describe you, what are blogs, blogging or blogger.

What is Blogs?

Whenever anything you search on any search engine like Google, Bing etc, You find many results, most of them are blogs. The blogs play a very helpful role to users to guide them in their related query.

The blog is similar to a website which is mostly managed and run by a single individual or group of individuals.  Blogging is a great way to learn about the event, people, food travel and much more.

Posts on the Blog are displaying in the reverse chronological order, with the latest post appearing first.

To create a blog mostly blogger uses a CRM like WordPress, Drupal etc. A blogger post articles on a particular niche on his blog, so that people can get help on a particular topic on a single blog.

In modern technology, there are many CRM available that allows even non-technical person to create a blog.

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What is blogging?

Blogging means managing a blog by a blogger or group. A Blogger creates a blog to share information publically. Information can be on various topics like Travel, Food, How to guide, technical information and much more. The blogging (or blog) is different from managing a website of a company.

By sharing information publically a blogger earns money by publishing ads and promoting products on their blog. The content of blogs usually includes text, pictures, videos, scans or journals.

Who is Blogger?

Mostly blogging manages by a single individual or group of individuals, they are called bloggers. They keep updated there blogs with new articles regularly.

The Bloggers keep updated his blogs and contain personal remarks on any topic. On the blogging platform, bloggers share their thoughts and knowledge on a particular topic.

How Blogs or Blogging are Helpful?

People have their own dream and they want to come true their dream. For this they need guidance to fulfills their dreams. Blogs are plays very helpful role to help people in this operation. Each blog has a particular niche which can help people to find articles on a particular topic. Such as a student can read about their subject on any educational blog, Traveller can read and see the photos of the specific place on a travel blog, and Patient can read about their disease and more.

On the Blogs, bloggers share their personal experiences on a specific topic which will be helpful for you.

For example, if you do not know how to delete a facebook account permanently and how to find lost mobile with the help of your email ID, you can read about it on TechNeem. TechNeem as a blog will teach you how you can do that.

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