Web hosting is a physical location where your website data is stored which is sold or leased to you by a web host or a web host service provider to publish your website on the Internet.

In the data centers where the server resides, web host providers provide you with the server’s memory space. So that your website data can be saved in that storage and your website goes online. You can buy or lease a server.

All data of the website such as text, photos, videos, and other content is stored on the server. When a user wants to access your website by typing your website address in their browser, their computer will be connected to your web site’s server and your website will appear in their browser.

You can buy web hosting with any trusted web host company such as Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy and more.


The Hosting Provider Company maintains the server and manages to keep your website connected to the Internet.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Choosing the right hosting plan is most important to your business because hosting can affect your website’s performance. Different types of hosting plans are available on the online market like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting etc.

When I was starting, I was confused about choosing the best web hosting for my website, but now it has become very easy for me after having a lot of web hosting experiences.

You may have to make a lot of efforts to choose the right hosting plan choice for your business. So before buying, it is very important to get information about all hosting plans so that you can find out which hosting plan is suitable for your business.

In this guide, I am giving you the basic knowledge of the types of web hosting services. To read the full, check my previous posts, you can also find the links below.

Shared Web Hosting

This package is one of the common web hosting plans. Website with low volume traffic is hosted with most shared web hosting packages. Shared web hosting package is very cheap package so it’s good for newbie’s pockets.

In shared hosting, your website shares resources with other customers on the same server. On the same server, all websites will have the same IP address.

This is a good plan for the starter and after increasing the popularity of the website, they are able to upgrade their plans with the next level of web hosting plan.

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VPS Web Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A single physical server is divided by virtualization techniques into the various spaces that create their own virtual server called VPS. Virtual Private Server Hosting works like a dedicated hosting server without paying the dedicated hosting fee.

Shared hosting is good for low traffic blogs when a blog or website begins to get more traffic, then they should upgrade their hosting plan. Instead of renting a full expensive dedicated server, moving over Virtual Private Server hosting will be a good idea. A complete dedicated server is very difficult to manage.

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Dedicated Server Hosting

In dedicated server hosting, an entire server is taken on the lease. Dedicated hosting servers are mostly used by high volume traffic websites. Dedicated server providers will provide high storage, high bandwidth, powerful processor, high RAM to run your website faster on the web.

The server provider provides server tools, administration, and other services to the client. In some cases support of operating systems, software applications and security systems are also provided.

In dedicated hosting, you will get better customization and control, better performance, better security, unique IP address and more.

The dedicated hosting plan is a high-level hosting plan and offers more resources. Due to a high level and costly hosting plan, buying for beginners is not good.

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