WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows website owners and their team to manage and publish their content on their website. Using a user-friendly interface, a non-technical person can also manage and publish content.

WordPress is the most popular tool for making any type of website without coding or designing skills. On WordPress over 30% of websites globally have been created.

One of the best things about WordPress is that it is free to use for everyone. WordPress is briefly called WP.

wordpress dashboard

WordPress dashboard

How to use WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform for publishing or managing websites on the Internet. Also, it is free and easy to use. You must have a domain name and a web hosting plan before using WP.

Now if you have the domain name and web hosting plan, you have to install WordPress on the hosting server. You can read our guide to make it easy. As soon as WP is installed, your website will be published on the Internet. You will see a simple WordPress interface to manage and publish contents. And you will find that the default theme and some plugins are already installed on WP that you can change according to your requirement. You can read our guide to learn how to install WordPress, themes, and plugins.

What kind of websites can make WP?

Initially, WordPress was created to create blogs only. But after several changes of codes and using plugins or themes, any type of website can be created on it: –

Blogs – The blog is similar to a website which is mostly managed and run by a single individual or group of individuals.  On the Blogs, bloggers share their personal experiences on a specific topic.  Read More

To create a blog you need a domain and hosting plan and then you can blogging for free on WP. You can post articles, photos, videos on a specific niche on your personal experiences.

E-Commerce Website – The use of e-commerce or electronic commerce is done through the use of the Internet, for the purchase and sale of goods or services and for the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

Example of E-Commerce websites – Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Even, e-commerce sites can be managed on WP. You only have to use plugins like WooCommerce for e-commerce websites.

Business Website – Can WordPress be used for business websites?

If you have the same question in your mind, then the answer is yes. Even managing business websites on WP is easy. Thousands of free and paid themes are available on WP. Using a premium theme, you can beautify your website according to your needs.

Forums – The Forum is a discussion site where people ask and reply to other’s question/answer. If you have decided to create this type of website then you can easily create it on WP.

Social network sites – Social network sites can also be easily made using WP.

Also, resumes, portfolios, membership websites and many more types of websites can be managed on WP.

What is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

Whenever you search “WordPress” in Google, you will find two websites in the results. A WordPress.org and other wordpress.com, here, I am answering what is the difference between the both and which one should you choose?

WordPress.com is a hosting company. Its platform is easy to use but you get paid services. You need to purchase a monthly subscription to access premium services. Without Premium Services, your website will look like “yourwebsitename.wordpress.com”. In addition, your site is hosted by WP.

WordPress.org is free to use and is a self-hosted platform and very flexible. You can create your website according to your requirement. You can host your website with any server. Your website will look like ‘yourwebsite.com’.

Most bloggers are using wordpress.org for their blogs.

Why use WP for my blog?

There are many reasons to use WP for your dream blog. I am describing the most remarkable features of WP that make WP better than other CMSs.

  • Generally, CMS is used for blogging, but you can use WP as well for e-commerce stores, business sites, portfolios, and other websites as you want to do.
  • WP is free to use and you are free to modify WP software according to your requirement.
  • All web hosts support PHP and MySQL. WP also uses the same.
  • Using the dashboard of WP is easy, you will feel like you are using any software. It’s as easy as using Gmail.
  • You can install free or paid themes and plugins on WordPress. In addition, you use a theme and plugin that you have created.
  • You can use WP without coding or designing skills.
  • WP is available in more than 50 languages.
  • Over 3000 GPL licensed themes in WordPress are available for free use.
  • Easy installation and updating process. You can install WordPress within 5 minutes.

I will share more such guides in the coming days. I hope your confusion should have gone away, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment on us? You can also comment if you want to give some suggestions. Share this post with WhatsApp and facebook group and tell other people about it.